Hallstrom Lake Recreation Area


The Hallstrom Lake Recreation Area was dedicated to Lt. Hallstrom.


It has 1 large pavilion (seats about 180) and 3 small pavilions (seating about 40 each). Also, it includes paved parking, playgrounds, walking path, restrooms and floating boat dock.


*Hallstrom Lake Recreation Area is located on Perimeter Road just across from SSYS and the post gas station. 

Small Pavilion:  http://www.huntermwr.com/images/uploads/Pier.JPG

Large Pavilion:  http://www.huntermwr.com/images/uploads/Large%20Pavillion.JPG

Fishing Pier:        http://www.huntermwr.com/images/uploads/Sideview Pier.JPG      http://www.huntermwr.com/images/uploads/DSC01843.JPG