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Online MWR survey invites Hunter participants to voice program, facility needs
Monday, 11 August 2014


By Bob Mathews

Family & MWR Marketing Specialist


An online Army MWR Services Survey, tailored to determine present and future service and recreation needs of military and civilians serving at Hunter Army Airfield, has launched today, Monday (Aug. 11).

Active Duty, spouses, retirees and DoD civilians who work, live or play at Hunter are invited to take the survey, titled “Hunter AAF Army MWR Services Survey.”

Those taking the survey will have the opportunity to express their level of satisfaction with recreational facilities, activities, and programs now offered at Hunter. They also will be able to suggest what services and facilities you would be interested in, rate current ones and suggest how they might be improved.

The Stewart/Hunter Directorate of Family & Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) operates facilities such as Tominac Fitness Center, the Hunter Outdoor Swimming Pool, Hunter Golf Course, Outdoor Recreation, School Age Services and the Auto Skills Center, to name a few. Child, Youth and School Services operations also are under F&MWR. Survey responses are voluntary and confidential. Individuals will not be identified and the data will be analyzed and aggregated at the group level.

The survey takes approximately10-15 minutes. It is done exclusively online and will be available for one month. Please click here for the survey.

CAIR and Back to School Fair
Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division would like to invite you to the upcoming 2014 Community Activities, Information and Registration Day and Back to School Fair Event!  This event will take place on Wednesday,  July 30,  2014 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm at the Tominac Physical Fitness Center, Bldg 919 on Hunter Army Airfield (Hunter AAF), GA.  We are looking forward to a spectacular turnout at the first C.A.I.R Day.

In order for this event to be the huge success, we need you.  The 2014 C.A.I.R Day will be heavily advertised in multimedia such as newspaper, radio, TV and electronic billboards as well as via flyers, posters, banners, etc.  We hope that you will join us by signing up for a booth space to exhibit your products and/or services.  This event will give you the opportunity to meet the residents of the Hunter AAF community and the surrounding areas as well as advertise and promote your business or organizations in a fun and engaging manner.

In the below link you will find details about the C.A.I.R Day Event and an application for you to reserve a booth space.  We welcome all types of vendors offering various products, services and organizations that are available to the Hunter AAF community.  Space is limited so sign up early.  What better way to meet and greet the Hunter AAF Community and give them the opportunity to learn firsthand about what YOU have to offer.  Register individuals for clubs, organizations, activities and promote your businesses, products and services.

Booths will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so please be sure to send your application as soon as possible.  Previous Back to School Fair Events have attracted over 2000 Soldiers and Family Members.





F&MWR Facilites Affected by the Shutdown
Tuesday, 1 October

The following is how the shutdown will affect facilities operated by F&MWR:

Closed, as a result of the shutdown, are the Hunter Pass and Permit Office, as well as intramural sports at Stewart and Hunter.

Fort Stewart’s Pass and Permit Office will operate with limited hours (11 a.m.-3 p.m.) Wednesday-Monday.

The George P. Hays Library and the Auto Skills Center will operate under their normal schedules. However, we ask our patrons’ patience because of reduced staff to provide service for them.

All other F&MWR activities’ hours will continue as normal, including all CYSS programs.

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Stewart/Hunter Fitness Centers to Discontinue Towel Service
Thursday, 10 Jan | by Bob Mathews - Family &MWR Marketing Publicity Specialist

Beginning Feb. 1, Family and MWR’s fitness facilities at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield will stop providing work-out towels for its patrons.

Although an inconvenience for customers, the change will result in a reduction in water consumption that will significantly contribute to overall Stewart/Hunter conservation goals, and a cost savings that will benefit fitness center operations.

The centers affected are Newman, Jordan, Caro and 4th IBCT on Stewart, and Tominac on Hunter.

Stopping the practice of providing towels at fitness centers is trending at Army garrisons, especially during these times of tight fiscal constraints.

Eliminating more than 6,000 labor hours required to wash, dry and fold the towels at the centers will result in a savings of about $80,500 per year. The savings will allow basic programming and customer service to be maintained or increased at each center.

Fort Lee eliminated the service in 1996, Fort Gordon in 1998 and Fort Bragg in 2008. Drought conditions, as well as fiscal constraints, played a role in the Bragg decision to halt the practice. Two other garrisons report budget restraints may result in the service being stopped.

The Air Force discontinued towel service in all of its facilities in 2006.

Not having to wash and process the towels will reduce water usage from a total of 2.6 million gallons per year to about 275,000 gallons per year at the fitness facilities.

The water consumption savings will significantly impact Stewart/Hunter’s ROCK of the Marne environmental sustainability efforts.  

Executive Order 13514, issued by President Obama in October of 2009, requires federal agencies to reduce potable water consumption intensity by 26 percent by the end of fiscal year 2020, based on a fiscal year 2007 baseline.

F&MWR has also saved approximately 25.4 million gallons of potable water at Stewart and Hunter golf courses by utilizing reclaimed “purple pipe” water and stormwater for irrigation.


New Auto Crafts Fee For 2013
Thursday, 27 Dec | by Bob Mathews - Family &MWR Marketing Publicity Specialist

A new fee structure reflecting rising operating and parts costs, will take effect Jan. 3, 2013 at Libby Auto Crafts on Fort Stewart and Hunter Auto Crafts on Hunter.

The unavoidable decision to raise fees for services, as well as for use of facility space and equipment, was made after an extensive survey of off-post prices and prices at three other Army posts.

Those surveys, at Fort Benning, Campbell and Gordon, showed Stewart/Hunter prices were well below those charged elsewhere.

Army regulations require that prices charged by Family & MWR facilities such as Auto Crafts not be more than 20 percent lower than prices charged off-post for similar services.

“While we regret that we have to raise prices at all, Soldiers and other eligible Auto Crafts customers will see that the increases are modest across the board,” said Linda Heifferon, Director of F&MWR at Stewart/Hunter. 

The Auto Crafts facilities at Stewart and Hunter offer Soldiers and other customers an opportunity to save money by doing their own vehicle service. Staffs are available to offer expert advice and lend a hand when necessary to ensure the service is performed safely and correctly.

Extensive equipment is available to perform major or minor vehicle repair.

Libby Auto Crafts is in building 1503 on Sixth Street at Fort Stewart. The telephone number is 912-767-3521/3527.

Hunter Auto Crafts is in building 1288 at 140 Leonard Neal Blvd. on Hunter. The telephone number is 912-315-6244.



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