Parent Participation Program

Parents are the first and most influential teachers in their child’s life.Research shows the single most important factor that determines a child success in school and throughout life is parent or family involvement.  Parental involvement refers to the amount of participation a parent (e.g. sponsor or  legal guardian) has in a child’s schooling.

Parents are an indispensible and a valuable resource. The Military Child Care Act requires the establishment of a parent participation program at each DoD installation. CYS Services view parents as assets rather than liabilities because of the level of knowledge and expertise they possess. As parents, they have firsthand knowledge of their own children’s strength and weakness, as patrons they have firsthand experience with CYS Services programs.

CYS Services Parent Participation Program provides parents an excellent opportunity to share their unique gifts, talents and abilities while volunteering in regularly scheduled programs (e.g. full day, part day, before and/or after school).  While participating in meaningful activities, parents not only positively influence the lives of military children but also CYS Services program operations on their installations.  Parent involvement is a win-win for everyone! 



  • Cost Savings-10% reduction on one month’s child care fees
  • Convenient-opportunities that fit each individual family’s lifestyle
  • Your Voice- active in improving policies and quality programming
  • Knowledge enrichment -understand learning environments


  • Positive attitude and behavior
  • Strengthens sense of belonging/family unit
  • Higher academic achievement
  • Higher graduation rates; and
  • Higher enrollment in postsecondary education

CYS Programs and Communities:

  • Improves staff/parent communication and morale
  • Reinforces  the safety of child/youth
  • Sponsorship among families
  • Enhance Soldier and Family resilience and readiness


Earning Points

Parents may earn a Fee Reduction for volunteering a minimum of 10 hours in a regularly scheduled child care or school age program their child is enrolled in or in a program of their choosing.

Participation Points may be accumulated from month to month until the Parent earns 10 points thus becoming eligible to receive a 10% reduction on one month’s fee for one child. If a parent has earned 20 points, the 10% fee reduction may be applied for one child over a 2 month period or used toward two individual children during the same month.

Parents may not share their Parent Participation points with other Families.

Parents who participate in the program are considered "intermittent" volunteers due to the occasional nature of their voluntary services. While they are not considered statutory volunteers, they will sign the Parent Volunteer Agreement .

Background checks are not required for parent volunteers in the Parent Participation program. Parent Volunteers will never be left alone with children and will always remain in Line of Sight Supervision (LOSS) of staff with completed/cleared background checks.

Coaches and assistant coaches are excluded from the Parent Participation Program’s cost saving benefit of fee reduction of childcare. *Reference the SY13-14 Army Child & Youth Fee policy for further information regarding Coaches and Assistant Coaches.

Parent Volunteers will conduct themselves in same manner as regular CYS employees to include using the same code of conduct. 

Parents will volunteer without the responsibility of caring for their own enrolled or non- enrolled child except when serving in field trips.

Free child care will not be provided for siblings at the time of parent participation in classroom or program activities with the enrolled child. Arrangements for childcare for siblings should be made following normal procedures for hourly care reservations.

CYS Services employees may volunteer in the Parent Participation Program only during non-work hours performing activities not a part of their normal work related duties.

Parent Volunteers can participate in "approved" scheduled activities in CYSS facilities, in Family Child Care (FCC) homes, and/or offsite in designated location or in their own home.

  • Program Evaluation (PE): Assisting and supporting of Installation Level CYSS Services Inspection, Accreditation or MAC Plan; completion of surveys such as COA, NAEYC, or NAFCC Accreditations
  • Parent Education (ED): Plan or conduct parent education workshops or Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting.
  • Community or Special Events (EV): MOMC programs, Seasonal Parties (does not include points for attendance alone); May coordinate a  parent volunteer effort or work a shift at a community event, function or production.
  • Classroom Activities (CA): participate in field trips, assist with lunchtime duties or homework, share a special talent, etc.
  • Program Wide Projects (PWP): Repair toys and equipment; Newsletter, laminate materials, parent resources, parent library, Creative Curriculum, 4-H, or maintain bulletin boards;
  • Individual Projects (IP): Design a game; create books; build props or sew classroom materials; record books for MP3 players.
  • Other (O): Garrison requested G-9 approval prior to scheduled events.

Adopting a Family

Military Units or Formal Organizations (e.g. Family Readiness Groups) may "adopt" Families who are unable to accumulate parent participation points due to deployment or other extenuating circumstances. Military Units or Formal Organization representative need not have a child or youth enrolled in CYS Services' Programs. Family who are unable to participate at any given time due to deployment or extenuating circumstances must contact their Military Unit or Family Readiness Group to request a Parent Volunteer representative on their behalf.  Family Readiness Group representative will relay the Family’s request to their assigned Military Unit or Family Readiness Group. Those interested in adopting the Family and donating points earned towards their fee reduction should contact the CYS Coordinator or designee. Donated hours and/or previously earned parent participation points are permitted to roll over until 10 hours have been earned towards a 10% discount.

Redeeming Points

  • Parent participation points may be accumulated from month to month until the Parent Volunteer earns 10 hours to receive a 10% reduction on one month’s fee for one child. If a parent has earned 20 points, then the 10% fee reduction may be applied for one child over a 2 month period or used for two separate children during the same month. The10% Parent Participation reduction will be calculated on the activity balance (on one month’s fee for one child) remaining after all other discounts have been applied (i.e., the monthly fee is $200; the parent receives a 20% Army Family Covenant (AFC) fee reduction for $40 leaving a remaining balance of $160; the Parent Participation reduction will be 10% of $160 or $16).  
  • Parents must earn credits by the last day of the month preceding the month in which they will be used (i.e., points earned in July cannot be applied to the July bill – they can first be redeemed against the 1 Aug bill).
  • The full credit for the month (based on the total monthly fee amount less any scheduled discounts) should always be applied to the first of the month payment; Parent Participation points should not be applied to the mid-month (15th) payment.
  • Parents may continue to make their payments on a semi-monthly basis, but the full discount for the month will be taken out of their first payment (i.e, the monthly fee is $300, the parent normally pays $150 on the 1st and $150 on the15th. If they choose to apply their participation points, they would pay $120 -- $150 less the $30 participation reduction – on the 1st and $150 on the 15th).
  • Parents utilizing summer camp may use their points for a 10% fee reduction. 10 points redeemed = 10% discount on up to 4 weeks of summer camp. For example, if a child is enrolled in weeks 2, 3, 5, 7, and a parent wishes to redeem 10 points, the 10% discount would be applied to each individual week up to 4 weeks. The points must be earned prior to the application of the Parent Participation fee reduction. Points will be applied to future unbilled camp weeks only and cannot be applied to prior weeks.
  • Parents may not redeem Parent Participation points when making online payments. Participation points must be redeemed at the point of service.
  • Points do not expire as long as the Family holds a valid CYSS registration at the issuing garrison. Unused points can be carried forward from year to year at the issuing garrison. 
  • Points will not transfer from one garrison to another or from one Family to another.


Interested parents, guardians, and military organizations (e.g. family readiness group) should contact their nearest installation’s Parent Central Services office or CYS Services Program Director. Visit for additional CYS program information.

Parent Advisory Council

The CYS Services' Parent Advisory Council welcomes the participation of all parents whose children are registered members of CYS Services to participate in the council. Parents and staff work together to evaluate and improve programs for the positive development of children ages six weeks to eighteen years. The PAC invites you to all meetings. Parents can earn participation points for PAC attendance which equates to fee discounts. 

Talk to your child's program director to volunteer for the Parent Advisory Council or contact Parent Central Services at 912-315-5425 for the CYSS PAC Team schedule. 

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